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if your business is already running without a website so far you feel there’s no need to spend on a website, plus your employees may be unfamiliar with operating/managing a website. but when potential customers search for your business online & they get no results, they feel uncomfortable trusting your business!


Nowadays internet is an essential part of daily decisions, when customers evaluate a company they consider its online presence, 84% of today’s consumers think a website makes your business more credible than companies with only social media profiles.

Whatever your service/product is for sure you have competition offering the same, so one part of staying ahead & above your competitors is to improve your first impression & enhance your credibility with a representable website that clearly represents your company.

As of 2021, 71% of small businesses have websites and 81% of customers research things online before they buy them.
This means any company that neglects to own a website will be neglected by customers that will head directly to companies with websites.

A website act as a 24/7 free customer service agent keeping all your business information & contacts, and updates all in one place, as soon as your audience search for it, it pops out to answer their query which leaves a much better customer experience.

Once you own a website you can develop it over time and make the most out of digital marketing tools,& most out of the ROI ad spent, convert leads/traffic to your website

If you’re still intimidated & concerned about costs and operating a website, here comes Byttara! to offer a simple efficient alternative, with affordable prices using one of the most popular easy operating websites “WordPress websites”.

Get a website that best represents your company/services professionally with mater experts in Byttara, we’ll train your employees to easily operate it with guaranteed service standards

Service implementation standards:

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rapid response of our team during the assigned agreed-on working hours.

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delivery of full website content within & not exceeding 30 days.

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content is compatible with your marketing plan.

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easy & efficient navigation between website pages.

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effective working links, CTA buttons.

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including enough & an effective number of keywords.

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arrangement & formatting of content ,images .

Owning a business website can be a make or break for generating more revenue. No worries, We got your back to make the right decision!

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