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When you think about your business expansion, operations costs are the greatest obstacle costs are never ending maybe even increasing regularly, you pay for workforce, rentals & maintenance costs, and bills(electricity,..etc).

Now you can simply analyze markets & gather information about your potential customers before paying a fortune to expand to new branches.

E-commerce has become an efficient substitute or alternative to traditional offline business. With lower costs and a faster buying process, you gain a higher profit margin & reliable cash flow.

E-commerce business is experiencing massive growth in the middle-east, with estimated annual growth of 23 %(from 2018-2020 ).


As statistics found that the average consumer in middle east countries spends $817 shopping online

In UAE 1 shopper spends around $3,104 per month, while in KSA 1 shopper spends an estimate of $527 per month.

Are you still questioning the revenue of investing in a sales website for your business ??

These are the main benefits that you’ll gain from an e-commerce website


no reach limitations or operating geographic obligations, you can reach any country on the globe & operate your website from any country


No opening time restrictions! your website is available 24 hours to give your customers the flexibility of purchasing according to their preferences


A Fast buying process with several payments & delivery methods


you can never lose the database of your customers, and you can always access the number of visitors on your website, and average sales to develop your services


advertising costs are lower in costs compared to offline methods & have better targeting hence receiving better results


unlimited product range with the opportunity given to your customer to compare between products.


applying SEO strategies improves your rank in search engine results

Byttara can be your success partner by helping you establish a dependable e-commerce website equipped with technical software & plugins, high-quality graphics & designs, and applied SEO strategies that best serve your niche & get high search ranks.

Byttara advises you to own your e-commerce business, it’s an essential investment that you’ll never regret with high standards;

Service implementation standards:

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rapid response of our team during the assigned agreed-on working hours.

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delivery of full website content within & not exceeding 30 days.

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content is compatible with your SALES plan.

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easy & efficient navigation between website pages.

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effective working links, CTA buttons.

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including enough & an effective number of keywords.

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arrangement & formatting of content ,images .

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efficient & easy ordering/purchasing process on your website

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compatibility of all software functions attributed to your website.

When you buy Digital Byttara Services, you get a dedicated and responsible integrated team to get your website out ready to order with ease and get you more sales, data, and statistics to help you expand with stated and clear standards and prices to achieve your goals and expand your business.

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