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If your business depends on bookings, reservations, or providing services to your customers, you sure know how painful it is to organize the schedule & receive customer calls to book, cancel or reschedule

You only can receive one call at a time (unless you have multiple employees responsible for reservations), & booking is restricted to opening hours only so you're losing more revenue from potential customers who don’t have time availability during work hours.


Remember that 94% of individuals would be more likely to choose a new service provider if that provider offered online booking options. Moreover, phone reservations are outdated which will give your competitors a chance to stay ahead if they are using more modern automated tools

People use the internet on a daily basis from any device, especially phones so if they have an alternative to making online reservations that don’t depend on human interaction & not restricted to specific working hours, you will give them the freedom of making their reservations according to their time availability 24/7 from anywhere they are!

Actually, statistics proved that 40% of appointments online scheduling are booked after business hours & 67% of patients prefer online booking compared to only 33% who choose to book over the phone.

Service automation saves so much time & workforce, which gives your employees the opportunity to finish other important tasks & a better customer experience hence satisfaction.

Expanding time allowed for reservations from limited working hours to unlimited 24/7 service increase your revenue & number of reservations, Businesses gain an average revenue increase of 27% when using online booking systems.

So how can you implement an automated booking/reservations system?

It should include professional software & plug-ins that execute the booking process with no errors and offer secured payment methods that are convenient to your customers, with easy navigation to deliver a smooth easy experience.

Byttara can help you out! Our team is a dedicated team of veterinarians specialized in digital marketing, and professional developers experienced in website customization, you’re familiar with the veterinary market & the nature of your target audience.

What exactly do you get if you choose Byttara’s “functional website”?

We offer competitive prices with no hidden fees, and guaranteed high-quality service with high standards

Service implementation standards:

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rapid response of our team during the assigned agreed-on working hours.

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delivery of full website content within & not exceeding 30 days.

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content is compatible with your brand identity.

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relevant & suitable software to meet functions presented by your website.

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easy efficient search &navigation between website pages.

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effective working links, CTA buttons.

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including enough & an effective number of keywords.

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arrangement & formatting of content ,images .

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efficient & easy ordering/purchasing process on your website.

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compatibility of all software functions attributed to your website.



Duration expected for website delivery

1 month

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