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Google Maps is not just a virtual map it’s your opportunity for business growth!


Are you ready to receive your veterinary patients, but you get no visits in your clinic?


Your customers are searching for your services but instead of visiting your clinic, they are most welcomed by your competitors who have an online presence!


Google map is not inclusive on a virtual map, it evolved over years to become an irreplaceable marketing tool that built marketing features that give businesses on it an advantage of more exposure & conversions.

With more than a billion in 220 countries over the world using google maps per month,& more than 5 million live websites getting increased views, still what are the true benefits behind these increased views?  

5 main advantages that google maps offer to businesses:

increasing traffic visiting your website with redirecting feature to your website.

your product/service appears in relevant search results hence your brand exposure, and awareness increase with more potential customers knowing about your business. attracting nearby customers (locals) by popping up in search results seeking nearby locations. improved communication & contact with your customers with all phone numbers(that easily redirect into a call), address location, and opening hours are all present in search results.

Increasing trust & improvising your brand credibility, with star ratings, honestly written reviews & submitted images.

How can you make the most out of listing your business in a google Maps account?

-Add precise & accurate business information (locations, opening hours &contacts).

-Business description optimization & using SEO.

-Include all social profiles.


-Respond to ratings & reviews or any queries received to build your brand reputation.

-Showcasing high-quality images of your business in your profile.

Using google maps ads for sponsored results.

Byttara eases the process for you with a specialized digital marketing team we offer you the service of creating a verified google account & an optimized google maps profile.

Service execution standards

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rapid response of our team during selected & agreed-on working hours

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execution & full delivery within & not more than 30 days.

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enough & effective included keywords

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content sorting, formatting, adding relevant optimized images & completing business data


Google my business

Save your time, guarantee a high-quality profile & increase your sales!

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