If you own or manage your business and you are already established or taking a step towards creating your online you’re absolutely right, but one of the most common struggles that business owners meet is time management you’re already committed to your business, especially if it has offline headquarters.

You can run your online business yourself, & to do it right you should always stay updated with the algorithm of each platform. for instance, one of the most recent updates on Facebook is actually suppressing organic content in the news feed! While twitter recently announced that it’s not allowed to use the same content in multiple accounts. Information like this is essential to keep your social profiles alive & growing despite any updates. Usually, business owners don’t have enough time to research & educate themselves on platform changes & updates these details require a subject matter expert. Because social updates & trends never end, so does your content strategy to cope with every algorithm update! Being present on new platforms needs a quick decision to build an audience and stay ahead of competitors with a successful strategy & we see that clearly on a platform like TikTok surpassed 175 million downloads in 2022 alone! Besides, always keep in mind that social media is a 2 two-way conversation, you’re customers should always feel appreciated to gain their loyalty & build a positive reputation.

Again let me ask you do you have enough time ??, to stay engaged with your customers with rapid comments, take time to answer all their queries thoroughly, and explain every detail they need about the service/product? What you need is a representative of your brand familiar with platform updates, committed to engaging & responding to your queries, managing your content strategy & update it frequently to stay on track with building your audience & positive brand reputation. Take a shortcut to success & hire a specialized vet familiar with your business & customers, an expert in social media marketing plus customer service skills. Keep in mind that negative feedback spread twice more than positive ones, a negative experience requires 12 positive experiences to make it up!

Byttara Digital team is committed to delivering a high standard of social media account management

Quality of service delivery standards

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Quick communication with our team during the agreed working hours

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Sustained growth in audience and followers

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Compatibility of the followers with the business

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The time taken to respond to the message and comments is not more than 5 minutes

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Continuous growth in the number of customers through your page on social media platforms

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Increased customer satisfaction in communicating with you through pages managed by our team

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Get a weekly report on page statistics and the number of customers served

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Get a monthly report on the activities carried out by our team based on the agreed action plan

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Get a quarterly report showing the total of what has been achieved according to the marketing plan compared to the previous duration

Hiring a social media manager is a great step in your marketing plan that will save a lot of time & avoid errors that might happen or negative feedback due to lack of experience.

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