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Do you want your social media account to stay engaging & relevant to your target audience but you struggle to come up with enough ideas to keep your posting rate consistent & continuous? You’re target audience & potential customers are already out there & if they didn’t find added value & relevant attractive posts. your competitors will be happier to attract their attention! It’s no secret that people use the internet every day & spend long hours navigating social media platforms. As of January 2022, there are 3.96 billion total social media users across all platforms & the average person bounces between seven different social networks per month. The amount of time adults use social media across all platforms is now higher than ever +3 hr per day!

when you invest in high-quality consistent content you will gain their attention & engagement for sure and hence expand your brand exposure, & keep your sales conversions up high.

Byttara digital team gives you the advantage of hiring veterinarians who are specialized in social media content marketing, we’re committed to our clear deadlines & high-quality standards to deliver nothing but the best for you , content writing shouldn’t be haphazard you need content that converts, the copywriter should write for your audience to address theirneeds & wants, mastering professional writing techniques, especially storytelling.

We’re committed to meeting our deadlines & delivering high-quality service

Quality of service delivery standards

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Compatibility with marketing objective, audience, and brand personality

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Compatibility with the characteristics and type of platform to be posted on.

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engagement above 2% (target audience).

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Delivery within a period not exceeding 5 working days

content marketing costs can never be compared to the huge positive impact on your brand reputation which’s achieved when the process is consistent, investing in professional social media copy writes boosts your conversions.

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