One of the most common social media challenges with increasing competition is a low engagement & content share, but video content is an exception a video has 12 times more shares than text & image posts, and more shares are more exposure of your brand to new potential customers.

when you know that 93% of marketers gained at least 1 new customer from each video, you can imagine what you’re missing out of you still didn’t integrate video content within your content calendar.

Social media has changed how people consume information, video content stays above any other type of content, video content stays above any other type of content, & storytelling is one of the powerful strategies to describe a product/service. If a picture speaks 1000 words, imagine what a video is worth. When you know that audiences are spending an average of 19 hours a week watching videos online. Ignoring video marketing is no longer an option unless you want your competitors to stay ahead.

when you decide to create videos for your business you must keep in mind essential points regarding the objective behind the video. the optimal platform some platforms like youtube are all about video, while others like Facebook & Instagram are focusing on videos.

This piece of advice is important to take note of Videos can have many types of educational, promotional, behind scenes …etc., The choice should be relevant to your target audience & their customer journey. Following production optimizing video descriptions & titles is important for SEO, to stay up in search engine rank & attract relevant customers.

Last but not least comes analytics, you should always track & analyze your results to make correct updates & changes & keep growth rates increasing. It's challenging to analyze text content or even text plus image, while a video can give you a clear idea of what your consumers really want with statistics about the number of customers who watched your video till the end, number of clicks & shares. These data help you optimize your content to get the best results. We’re here for you to make the video content productive & delivering the marketing message behind it by choosing the correct type of video, duration, and platform using high-quality attractive graphics & keeping the content SEO friendly.

Quality of service delivery standards

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Compatibility with marketing objective, audience, and brand personality

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Compatibility with the characteristics and type of platform to be posted on

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engagement above 5% (target audience)

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Delivery within 10 working days.

Investing in video content guarantees higher exposure, expansion & sales conversions.

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