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Business owners can’t make every task themselves, Most startups struggle to save money & allocate the budget in the most productive ways, Yet, they need an extra hand to help out. , how would hiring an assistant become cost-effective?

When you hire a full-time employee you pay for the full 8 hrs/day & you might not necessarily need the full time to get the job (making/receiving calls-organizing daily schedules-plan meetings….etc), you might need only 2 hours, why lose extra money when one of your competitions is saving costs when hiring a professional virtual assistant. You might have a lot of customers, especially during ad campaigns that result in a lot of messages & questions, and inquiries that need quick response, any delay costs losing them forever! 93 % of customers will most likely repeat purchases from companies that have professional & positive customer support

Companies save up to 78% of costs by hiring virtual assistants! it is a smart solution to make more effective & flexible decisions that save you money without compromising professional delivery. 24% of small businesses outsource to increase the efficiency of their business. Another 18% do so to get expert assistance; 16% do it to be more flexible; lastly, according to outsourcing statistics, 15% do it to cut and streamline workflow.

Byttara is the first to implement a virtual assistance service that’s exclusive to the veterinary sector, keeping in mind that 93 % of customers will most likely repeat purchases from companies that have professional & positive customer support

you only pay for what you get on hour-based service save your costs & expand the quality of your customer support services, we’re committed to delivering high-quality services

Quality of service delivery standards :

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Quickly communicate with our team during the agreed working hours and the percentage of missed calls

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The time taken to reconnect does not exceed 2 minutes

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Customer satisfaction about good customer service experience through our telephone team

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Get a weekly report of the statistics and data of the customers for whom the service was provided and close their orders and the customers whose orders are still being executed

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A daily updated list of the most popular questions, queries, objections, and evaluations

Guarantee maximized profits! Whenever you can keep customers only 5% profits can increase by

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