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Customers prefer online inquiries before making a decision to purchase a commodity or service

When customers contact you and do not have time to respond to their queries or you do not have professional customer service to respond to, you lose a lot of your customers and many of them are unhappy with dealing with you adequately and meeting their expectations We find that only 4% of unsatisfied customers express this, and the other majority quietly withdraw to be received by your closest competitors

Yes, with the enormous competition that currently exists between companies, those who keep pace with the development will be distinguished and will use the technology to make the most of its clients and best service Imagine that you collect contact data with customers already interested in the company's services and products, rapidly and positively communicate with them and respond to all their inquiries, follow up the purchase process and get real evaluations that help in development

Today's most dominant chat app is the WhatsApp; It is the most common in the Middle East and accounts for 89.3% of users of communication apps; WhatsApp invested this change to create a similar app for regular WhatsApp and with advantages that help businesses and make it easier for them to do the job called "WhatsApp Business"

Improving your business account on WhatsApp has become important, adding address details, website, working hours and photos of your products/services to keep your customer in constant contact

Besides adjusting automated messages to welcome your customers and the post-hours message is the most convenient option to remind your customer that you will be in touch with them as soon as possible

With uploading high-quality photos to display your products/services in a business catalogue feature, customers can easily navigate and check prices to make a purchase decision on the products/services they are interested in,

you can also customize the catalog set and customize a separate set for offers and discounts

Features are increasing and regularly updated,Making the most of WhatsApp business and maintaining a high frequency of customer rapid response can be stressful, but when done by a professional customer service employee, the job is easy and effective

Digital marketing agencies help provide customer outreach to corporate owners through professional employees with the skills to work on the effective application of WhatsApp Business and customer service skills to ensure the quality of service while exploiting technological development

Byttara Digital specializes in veterinary markets and our services encompass all sectors and companies of animal care and health.Our team of veterinarians professionalizes digital marketing and are able to serve veterinary clients, answer their queries and confirm their purchases; We will keep you up to date with your message statistics on a regular basis to track messages sent and received

WhatsApp Business management service from Byttara; is a service that allows you to hire a dedicated employee for specific hours to take care of your business communication account and respond efficiently to your customers according to the following service quality standards:

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Quickly communicate with our team during the agreed working hours

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The time taken to reply to the message is not more than 5 minutes

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Customer satisfaction is due to the good experience they have with customer service through our team via WhatsApp

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Get a weekly report of the statistics and data of the customers for whom the service was provided and close their orders and the customers whose orders are still being executed

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A daily updated list of the most popular questions, queries, objections, and evaluations

Guarantee maximized profits! Whenever you can keep customers only 5% profits can increase by

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